Rob Lowe hosts a new “Informed” segment on building Mobile Applications for Business

Since the beginning of the smartphone and device revolution of the mid 2000’s, mobile applications have dominated the scene. From applications to save money to applications that track the number of steps you’ve taken in a day, there is literally an application for anything. For most users, mobile applications are totally necessary and make day to day life easier, simpler, and more pleasurable. Applications on your mobile devices have become so integrated into our daily lives, most people can’t imagine life without them. But, how do we integrate the wonder and resourcefulness of mobile applications into a business tool that can help us see growth, increased profits, and overall business improvement? Can the right mobile application be the difference between exceeding success and customer/client engagement and failure?

Join host Rob Lowe on Informed as he explores the possibilities of mobile applications for business and how they can help turn your business into one you’ve only dreamed of.

Professional Audio Equipment and Engineering is featured on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

If you know anything about the dynamic series, “Informed” with Rob Lowe you know that you will receive a wealth of information about any and everything. This is the soup to nuts version of public television. This upcoming segment is no different. Instead of tuning out the noise that you hear when the weather permits open car windows you can learn about the engineering that goes into audio equipment. If you are an aficionado of the “boom, boom bass” so much the better – learning is easy when you love the subject. The plain facts are is that audio equipment is always updating just like any other technological apparatus. Though technology has come along way from the cranked up phonograph with the tiny speaker, it has even further to go. Audio Engineers make all of the innovation happen. In the new digital age you will be astounded at the light years that lie between the Sony Walkman headphones and the hottest Beats by Dr. Dre that decorate the teen’s craniums today. It is all a part of appreciating sound and the craftsmanship that goes into putting it all together.

“Informed” with Rob Lowe gives you the edge in staying on top of the newest editions of all that the world has to offer. Tuning in to this critically acclaimed series will only leave you richer and better equipped to master the newest of the new and surprise yourself with what you know now.

The “Informed” series, with Rob Lowe, will cover Special Needs Education in a new segment

The “Informed” series, with Rob Lowe, will cover Special Needs Education in a new segment

People who have watched sports on TV recently have likely noticed a familiar face on cable commercials. The star of these commercials has given his talents to the world of public broadcasting in a show titled “Informed” with Rob Lowe. The show focuses on some of the most important issues in society today, with one of the newest episodes focusing on the issue of special needs education.

Many people have diverse memories from school. They might remember making some lifelong friends along with struggling to pass a challenging test. These challenges are taken to a new level when it comes to special needs education. Children with special needs require dedicated professionals with special training who have the patience and persistence to communicate important facts to children with special needs along with the knowledge and understanding that this is going to be tougher than educating the average child. In recent years, there have been numerous advances made in the area of special needs education thanks to the hard work of researchers. This has led to changes in the way that children with special needs are educated. This is the focus of this episode of “Informed” with Rob Lowe.

“Informed” with Rob Lowe is carefully reviewed to ensure the program meets strict quality standards prior to being sent out to a partner for national broadcast. The show has received a myriad of awards and accolades in recognition of its quality work.

In-Floor Heating Systems Are Taking Homes to the Next Level

Imagine walking into your home during a cold winter day, taking off your shoes at the front door and feeling your feet warmed by the floors. Recently, this has become a reality with in-floor heating systems and is changing the way people live in the cold. In-floor heating systems are taking homes to the next level. This new home trend will be featured in the latest segment to be hosted by Rob Lowe on the “Informed” series.

Greenhouse Gardens are featured on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

Greenhouse Gardens are featured on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

In an upcoming episode of “Informed, Host Rob Lowe tackles greenhouse gardens. Many of us have gardens; we plant flowers and grow tomatoes, carrots, corn, and many other vegetables. As Americans, agriculture is an important part of our history and culture. What’s less familiar, but is growing in popularity, are greenhouse gardens. Rob Lowe will introduce the piece that will discuss the misconceptions, cost, and benefits of having your own greenhouse garden.

Sure, gardens can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. The segment will explain how all of us can build and maintain a greenhouse garden for a low price. It will touch on the use of recyclable materials, natural energy resources, and will share tips on how to get the most out of your garden. The program will speak with horticulturists, botanists, and experts in the field, who will shed light on why this trend isn’t likely to fade away anytime soon. Tune in and learn everything you need to know about greenhouse gardens.  The program is independently produced.