In the latest episode to come from the “Informed” series the host, Rob Lowe, examines International Cuisine.

If you visit any major city in 21st century America you will be able to find cuisines from every part of the world. Modern society has made it possible to connect to every corner of the world thanks to so many advancements in technology. The United States has always been see as a melting pot for various cultures and ethnicity, but it can also be seen as a melting pot for food as well.

Rob Lowe will be hosting this episode that will talk with chefs, food critics, and restaurant staff about international cuisine. This episode will present to viewers the ways that immigrants influenced early American cuisine and how this influence carries into modern America. This segment will introduce to viewers new chefs, restaurants, and the new, unique dishes they are offering.

If you’ve got an interest in international cuisine, then be sure to tune into this newest episode from the “Informed” series, with your host Rob Lowe, distributed to PBS Member Stations.

Rob Lowe, host of the series “Informed”, looks at Online Photography and Printing Services in the newest segment to come from the education series.

Rapidly advancing technology and the wide use of the internet have allowed photos to take the leap from the camera, to the computer to be shared with the world. Traditional photography is no longer the sole focus of the photography industry because there is almost nobody that can’t enjoy the convenience that comes from online photography and printing. Bringing photography and printing services to an online platform allows people to not only share their memories with virtually anyone they want, but to take a stroll down memory lane at any time. Life in modern society can forever be archived with the introduction of online photography. Professionals within the field can use their photography to shape society and educate the minds of the public. Without online photography, many people around the world would not have the knowledge of the world’s societies that they take for granted.

Rob Lowe works with an extraordinary team of writers, videographers, and producers to ensure the highest possible quality before the “Informed” series is distributed to PBS Member stations around the world.

Exclusive Online Learning Tools for Kids

Informed, hosted by Rob Lowe, is producing a segment featuring online learning tools for kids in their next series for Public Television PBS member stations.   Public Television has recently ventured into programming exclusively for kids, which you can learn more about in the article below featuring PBS kids.

Better Business practices will be the focus of the latest “Informed” segment with host Rob Lowe.

President Coolidge once said that “the business of America is business”. If this is true, then the American public needs to be focused on better business practices. The focus of this newest segment from “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, will be on the ways in which top businesses operate. The improvement of a large number of business practices will be discussed with industry experts. This will include a hard-hitting look at the efforts that are being made at the local level all the way to the international level to improve business practices. The American people have a right to know that the products they buy the services they use are held to the highest quality standards. Adhering to the highest possible ethical standards is vital to bringing the buying and selling public together with a single focus.

“Informed” is dedicated to showing that one of the goals of better business practices is to ensure that the highest level of satisfaction is met for everyone involved in any transaction. This segment immerses the viewer in the world of business and those who work every day to improve it.

This segment from “Informed” will be distributed to public television as well as PBS Member stations on a global scale.

“Informed” with host Rob Lowe to feature Custom Children’s Clothing

“Informed” as a program is always on top of topics relevant to their viewership. Therefore, the topic of custom children’s clothing has come to the forefront.

Parents have more options than ever to get their children’s personalities to shine through custom clothing. Embroidered hats and custom-printed tees are becoming ever more in demand as childhood wardrobe staples. With the rise of online retail markets like Etsy, custom clothing is now easier to order and obtain than ever.

As social media becomes more popular than ever, showcasing a child’s personalized outfit through online posts makes custom clothing a savvy investment to many parents. Here are just some of the custom children’s clothing that is circulating online shops.

  • Embroidered names on dresses and onesies
  • First birthday outfits
  • Favorite Disney character dresses
  • New baby announcement shirts
  • Newborn photo shoot outfits

Custom clothing comes in many other forms and can express the unique personality and interests of the parents and child.

Rob Lowe will introduce a piece that will discuss these aspects of custom children’s clothing and more on the next episode of “Informed“. Parents and fans of unique and cute outfits should be sure to tune in and learn more about this growing trend.

“Informed” is committed to bringing the most relevant and timely issues to light.  It’s made for PBS Member stations.

Why People Are Traveling Around the World

You put them in your drink, you skate on it, and sometimes you go to a bar made completely out of it… but now the ice cube is stretching its horizons and is encompassing an entire hotel. The newest segment of “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe, distributing to PBS member stations, will feature ice hotels and why people are traveling around the world to experience these unique places.

Asset Management on the Fly

The production crew for “Informed” is arriving back from New York today after shooting a piece on asset management, and how software developers have consolidated the daunting tasks of data consolidation into a user-friendly application. Hosted by Rob Lowe, the segment is scheduled to air later this Summer and will be distrusted to Public Television stations nationwide.

Must Have Apps For Small Business Owners

Marketing, online booking and accounting are just a few pieces that make up a business. Keeping track of appointments on top of maintaining profits and efficiency can be overwhelming for a small business owner. Now, businesses can keep all they need in one place to avoid having smaller details fall through the cracks. Apps for your phones and tablets have been designed to take the work out of running a business and will be featured on an upcoming “Informed” segment hosted by Rob Lowe.