“Informed”, hosted by Hollywood star Rob Lowe, is focussing its attention on Public Transportation in the series’ newest segment. 

Public transportation is a vital part of what makes a major city thrive and prosper. In an effort to keep small city streets clear of traffic most large cities employ a large system of public transportation to allow commuters to navigate the busy streets. The majority of cities employ a system of underground and above ground train systems in an effort to remove as much congestion from roads as possible. Public transportation, such as high speed trains, is also utilized to connect major cities to one another. One problem that public transportation faces is getting the proper funding to maintain the systems. Many cities have older transportation systems that don’t have the proper funds to keep them maintained properly. The use of a public system of transportation also saves commuters who travel long distances a significant amount of money over time.

This episode from “Informed” will be coming to a Public Television PBS Member station available to you within the coming weeks.