The latest segment to come from the “Informed”, with your host Rob Lowe, is a piece on Office Organizational Supplies.

This episode will take viewers on a journey to visit some of the top retailers in the nation as well as introduce them to the changing landscape of offices. Explore how many of the old school supplies have had a colorful and fun revamp for the 21st century. Modern school children have their own segment of this market with their growing demand for high-tech support in a technical world. This episode will also delve into how modern technology is shifting offices away from using the traditional filing cabinets to a digital filing system with files being kept in a cloud based storage system. The producers will look into how paper mills are shutting down at an increasing rate with the advent of cloud based storage, which continues to diminish the need for paper. As technology continues to advance, a shift from having a central office to having employees work remotely is a growing trend. Having employees work from home offices saves companies millions of dollars by not having to rent office space or pay for a building full of office supplies.

This educational series is distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations. Join Rob Lowe, host of “Informed”, on this journey into the dynamic world of office organizational supplies.