Clean Water Initiatives will be discussed in this episode of “Informed” with your host Rob Lowe.


Although clean water initiatives are happening on a global scale, they still aren’t nearly as popular as they need to be. Millions of people around the world still don’t have access to clean water for drinking, cooking, or bathing. The vast majority of Americans could never imagine not having access to fresh water and as a result tend to assume that in the 21st century this is no longer a problem.

Many clean water initiatives focus on cleaning the water through methods such as technologically advanced filters and creating a better infrastructure of irrigation systems. If the well-being of those less fortunate is close to your heart, there are many ways to help, such as donating money so that experts have the resources to improve the quality of drinking water for those that need it. This segment from “Informed” will take a look at not only the initiatives being made to improve the quality of drinking water but also the ways in which those who already have access to it can help.

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