In the latest episode to come from the “Informed” series the host, Rob Lowe, examines International Cuisine.

If you visit any major city in 21st century America you will be able to find cuisines from every part of the world. Modern society has made it possible to connect to every corner of the world thanks to so many advancements in technology. The United States has always been see as a melting pot for various cultures and ethnicity, but it can also be seen as a melting pot for food as well.

Rob Lowe will be hosting this episode that will talk with chefs, food critics, and restaurant staff about international cuisine. This episode will present to viewers the ways that immigrants influenced early American cuisine and how this influence carries into modern America. This segment will introduce to viewers new chefs, restaurants, and the new, unique dishes they are offering.

If you’ve got an interest in international cuisine, then be sure to tune into this newest episode from the “Informed” series, with your host Rob Lowe, distributed to PBS Member Stations.