Rob Lowe, host of the series “Informed”, looks at Online Photography and Printing Services in the newest segment to come from the education series.

Rapidly advancing technology and the wide use of the internet have allowed photos to take the leap from the camera, to the computer to be shared with the world. Traditional photography is no longer the sole focus of the photography industry because there is almost nobody that can’t enjoy the convenience that comes from online photography and printing. Bringing photography and printing services to an online platform allows people to not only share their memories with virtually anyone they want, but to take a stroll down memory lane at any time. Life in modern society can forever be archived with the introduction of online photography. Professionals within the field can use their photography to shape society and educate the minds of the public. Without online photography, many people around the world would not have the knowledge of the world’s societies that they take for granted.

Rob Lowe works with an extraordinary team of writers, videographers, and producers to ensure the highest possible quality before the “Informed” series is distributed to PBS Member stations around the world.